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Our Unique Process

At Zurbriggen Financial, our goal is to help you cross the bridge to financial freedom. We have created a unique process, The Asset Longevity Series™, which provides strategies for the real concerns and challenges you have. The Asset Longevity Series ™ is a process to help your money last longer than you do.

“The Asset Longevity Series”

The 9 Steps in the process to help you cross the bridge to financial freedom:

  1. The Information Exchange - Finding out about you
  2. The Strategic Design - A written plan and a commitment to implement
  3. The Asset Enhancer - Providing clarity and confidence in your investment decisions
  4. The Perpetual Income Series - Income to enjoy your active lifestyle
  5. The Safety Net - Asset protection you can count on
  6. The Legacy Series - Strategic plans to pass more than just money to the people you care about
  7. The Professional Alliance Team - Carefully selected team of experts to help implement the plans you need
  8. Charitable Navigations - Help in navigating the sea of 501(c)(3) programs
  9. Strategic Progress Reports - Measuring your progress towards your goals and values


“Finding Out About You”

  • A one hour exchange where we listen to your concerns and challenges.
  • We learn what is important about money to you, personally and what your lifetime values are.
  • We explore your current financial condition, and find out where you want to be in the future.
  • We design a road map to help you visually see how to build a bridge to cross the gap between those two.
  • We decide whether it is mutually beneficial for us to work together.


“A Written Plan and Commitment”

  • The second meeting where we present solutions designed to help you achieve your lifetime financial goals.
  • A written strategic plan that is designed to be a bridge in connecting where you are today, with where you want to be next.
  • This plan will help you obtain the things you told us were most important to you, personally.
  • A commitment from you to implement the plan now.
  • The beginning of a long journey, which we will take together.


“Income For Your Active Lifestyle”

  • A comprehensive analysis of what you have and how much you can take out in income to spend on the fun things in life.
  • A description of where your income will come from, year by year.
  • A plan, showing tax advantage methods and to help put some longevity and endurance into your income stream.
  • A package designed to help you understand where you are in retirement and a comprehensive written approach to helping you understand a distribution plan that works for you.


“Providing Clarity and Confidence in Your Investment Decisions”

  • Specific investment tools to help lower income taxes on investment earnings and social security benefits.
  • Asset allocation strategies to help in smoothing out market volatility.
  • Simplification of your investment reports.
  • Tools to help protect your principal and your purchasing power.
  • Elimination of market timing from your investment decisions.
  • Asset management programs that use the money managers with track records and performance in the top 10% to 25% of their asset classes over 3 and 5-year time frames, and giving you access to institutional money managers you could not have access to on your own.
  • A comprehensive private wealth manager to handle all of your financial needs.


“Asset Protection You Can Count On”

  • A complete review of all of your existing insurance coverages, to make sure there are no holes in your safety net planning.
  • Strategic solutions to protect your assets from a catastrophic health crisis.
  • “The Paper Shredder”, a system to let you know what you need to keep and what you can throw away.
  • Asset protection strategies to protect you from lawsuits and identity theft along with a free consultation with an attorney who is an expert in this key area.


“Strategic Plans to Pass More Than Just Money to the People You Care About”

  • Projection of your current estate and what it will be worth at life expectancy.
  • Review your current estate plan calculations compared to possible new alternatives.
  • Gifting techniques that provide liquidity to your estate exactly when it is needed most.
  • Comparison of different types of life insurance plans to fund wealth replacement trusts.
  • Methods designed to provide alternatives to help limit estate taxes, enabling you the opportunity to leave a legacy to the public charities of your choice, without disinheriting your children.
  • Help in drafting a value creator letter.
  • Introduction to an estate planning attorney along with a free initial consultation.
  • Complete coordination with the attorney from design to implementation.


"Carefully Selected Team of Specialists to Help Implement the Plans You Need"

  • Each specialist has a high level of knowledge and skill in key financial areas
  • Our team of specialists applies its expertise to evaluate all aspects of your plan and to assist you in implementing the techniques needed to solve your unique challenges.


“Helping you navigate the ocean of 501(c)(3) programs”

  • Researching each potential partner for efficiency
  • Finding the partner that best matches your charitable intent
  • Helping you allocate giving during your life and at death


“Measuring Your Progress Towards Your Goals and Values”

  • 45-Day Action Plans - Designed to implement the most important and urgent goals first.
  • 3 Meeting Process - Face to face meetings scheduled three times per year, each with specific agendas to implement our 11 deliverables and 116 point plus checklist, to help assure your financial house is in order and up to date.
  • Monthly newsletter related to your goals and values.
  • Unlimited phone questions and clarifications handled.
  • Introductions to those people you want to help through the work we do.

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