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Private Wealth Management


For many, understanding every aspect of wealth management can be daunting. A comprehensive wealth management plan considers all critical parts - coordinating your values and goals to your overall written plan, reviewing your cash management, debt reduction, insurance, tax implications of your portfolio, comprehensive estate plans, determining the correct amount of income to take from your portfolio to help last your lifetime, and finally the proper allocation of your portfolio to help achieve your plan. 

That’s where my firm comes in.

We are committed to getting your financial house in order and keeping it that way for life! To accomplish this, we have created a system, The Asset Longevity Series.

Our goal is to help free up your time to focus on things that are much more important than money, like spending time with your family, volunteering for your favorite charitable cause, or just reading great books like the Bible. 

We offer a complimentary 2nd Opinion service to help you see the difference in what you may have had before and what we can provide. 

For more information, please call us at our toll free number, 877-974-7569 to schedule a time for us to sit down and talk - We look forward to learning more about you, your family and your values and goals.

Consultative Approach

Once you become a client, we then meet in person 3 times per year for strategic progress reports and financial road map updates.

Our Unique Process

We have created a unique process, The Asset Longevity Series™, which provides strategies for the real concerns and challenges you have.

Our Investment Philosophy

Diversification, Institutional Money Management, Time and Risk/Return Correlation, and Review Process

Our Ideal Client Community

In limiting the number of our client relationships, we are able to provide exceptional, comprehensive planning and implementation services to our Ideal Client Community.

Charities We Support

We support various causes, including Missionary, Helping Those In Need, and Nature and Animals.