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Zurbriggen Financial


Our Ideal Client Community

We are a boutique wealth management firm that has chosen to work with a limited number of Ideal Clients. In limiting the number of our client relationships, we are able to provide exceptional, comprehensive planning and implementation services to our Ideal Client Community.

The Ideal Client Profile

We specialize in helping this type of clientele:

  • Successful retirees and business owners
  • Delegators - they are ready to let a professional handle their financial affairs, freeing up their time to focus on values more important than money
  • They enjoy active lifestyles and really care about their families and their community
  • They are pleasant people to deal with
  • Implementers - they have the ability to follow through on the advice they receive to help reach their goals for the reasons important to them
  • They have a positive outlook on life in general
  • Ability to stay with a plan - they understand the importantce of staying with a comprehensive written plan in pursuit of desired results
  • Investable assets to work with between $500,000 and $5,000,000

Please pass on our information to anyone who meets these specifications and could benefit from our firm’s services.