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Zurbriggen Financial


Hurricane Ian - Post Mortum

| September 30, 2022

Hello to those near and far. 

We are safe and sound, and we pray that our clients, friends, and family who found themselves in the path of the hurricane have also stayed safe as well. 

Now that we are on the other side of Hurricane Ian here in our section of Florida's west coast, we are seeing the truly devastating impacts it has had on our state, the likes of which we have not seen in our state in over 25 years.

 At current, we are unable to access our office location due to substantial damage to the roads and bridges that lead to Sanibel Island. In addition, there are many various and vast issues present in the infrastructure  of the islands  electrical system, of which the full extent of the damages from wind and water are currently unknown.

That being said, we have everything we need to resume work remotely beginning next week, October 3rd. 

Please know that we will still address any of your needs as they arise, though things may take slightly longer than normal due to the unexpected events that have occurred. 


Your Team at Zurbriggen Financial.